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Orange County web design and marketing experts use search engine optimization, or SEO, to make it easier for Internet search engines to find their clients’ websites. Greater website visibility leads to higher search engine rankings and allows for increased targeted web traffic and the probability of consumer sales – period!

The History of SEO

Much like online marketing which was thought to consist of a specific type of promotion, SEO work was basically considered a niche marketing method. Only when the Internet exploded in popularity did online marketing become commonplace.

Since that time, companies have desired more detailed reporting on visitor analytic, which Orange County web design and SEO experts provide. To do this, they use sophisticated log files and installation analysis for tracking purposes.

Current Role of SEO

Orange County web design experts work with clients to define business and website goals to create the most effective design strategies. Using advanced analysis techniques, the target audience is explored in order to apply action plans to execute the chosen strategies. SEO experts also provide recommendations so that clients may employ the latest marketing methods to improve SEO.

Expert Orange County web design company professionals possess a thorough understanding of the latest marketing venues, tools and trends designed to improve client and web site presence. Many of these web marketers have extensive experience in their client’s industry as well, which can be even more beneficial. Most importantly, these SEO experts design fluid marketing plans that are consistent with client goals. For instance, when products and services change, the site can be adjusted to more suit the pursuit of a new or different target audience. They also stay proficient at deploying the latest and most effective SEO tactics to execute and maintain marketing plans.

Digital Media

Orange County web design SEO experts understand how to leverage the continued and explosive growth of digital media channels. As such, they use techniques including:

  • SEO Copy Writing
  • Local SEO
  • Social Media
  • Mobile SEO
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Link Building

Much like with science experiments, there still remain some non-standard solutions that certain SEOs utilize. However, Orange County web design company experts ensure that only the most relevant web based tools are used for the greatest success possible. For instance, custom software and intuitive spreadsheets may be used to produce the most effective and balanced SEO processes. Many of the statistics used to be done by hand, which produced error and conjecture.

As time has progressed, Orange County web design developers and SEOs have found many more efficient and effective methods to gather the required statistics. This helps clients to make consistently well informed marketing choices by saving them time, resources and overall marketing spend.

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